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If you want to apply you should have a lot of question in your mind. There would be a personal meeting with the organizers after you apply. Before this personal meeting we hope that your curiosity will lighten up as you read through these question and answers  🙂

Do we need to establish a company (LLC, PLC) after the course?

There is no need to establish it. This is not a grant so there isn’t any liability to do so. The teams will decide how they will work together. There were teams who arrived as a limited liability company or a self-emloyer. Besides this some of the teams are looking for other business forms to work together (association, foundation).

If teams apply would they get any new member from the individual applicants?

Yes, they could get new team members. It depends on the individual members. If they choose your team they can be your team member.

Do innovators and teams could choose individual members for their cause?

No they could not choose individual members. The individual members will decide if they want to be part of any team or help the innovators. So innovators and teams could not choose directly. But you need to know that the first training will be an occasion for innovators and teams to look around the individual members, get to know each other and make effective lobby or networking so you could influence who will work with you during this 3 months period.

What happens when I find out my idea is not working?

Then you should and we should be happy! You did not need 1 year to find it out that your idea in this form is not working. So to speak about the money that you would spent along this period. This is what the course is about it will accelerate the process. There is a part of the course – the validation training – where you need to validate your idea. If you find out that your idea is not working so you could modify the aims or the process and you could be heading towards success.

>>>Details about Igen Debrecen English course<<<

Early bird promotion  -10 % discount from the course fee! Deadline for early bird was 21 January 2018. You have missed it…BUT

The final deadline for the application is 25 February 2018.

You can apply with clicking on the links below:

I apply as an INDIVIDUAL member

I apply as an INNOVATOR

I apply as a TEAM

If you have questions just send it to Igen Debrecen English facebook page or the e-mail address: uh.ne1670334547cerbe1670334547dnegi1670334547@olle1670334547h1670334547

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