Startupper and innovator course in English in Debrecen

 2018.02.06.    IgenDebrecen Kommentek: 0

At the beginning of March 2018 a startupper and innovator course will start in Debrecen, which will be in English. The mission of Igen Debrecen English is to help innovative and startup project to rise in Debrecen, and give them advice on how to establish a business, how to act as a team and gain […]

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First step to implement your idea – or slaughter it? It is up to you!

 2018.01.24.    IgenDebrecen Kommentek: 0

The question in the title says it all about Igen Debrecen startup, innovator and social entrepreneur course. When you start the course with your shiny, brand new, soft and world changing idea you would not now what will happen. The certain things that you will get: safe environment where you could practice your skills and […]

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Why is it worth to apply to Igen Debrecen English?

 2018.01.18.    IgenDebrecen Kommentek: 0

Honestly, Igen Debrecen English is not for everyone. If you are hardworking, not frighten by difficulties, want to be succesful and you are willing to do for it, than it is your place. You could join the course with your team, so together we could accelerate your process. At the end of the 3 months […]

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Life long learning. Ain’t no body got a time for that…or do you?

 2018.01.15.    IgenDebrecen Kommentek: 0

Do you feel like waves are above your head at the university, at work, at home or even in life? Does it seems like there is no time beside this for learning or studying? Although you know that succesfull people are life long learners. You do not need to think about big things.

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Meséld el! Te magad!

 2017.12.27.    IgenDebrecen Kommentek: 0

A gyereked egész nap az internet előtt lóg? Legnagyobb csapás számára a WI-FI jel kihagyása, vagy ha kizavarod a szabadba? Az olvasást számára az online játékok felugró ablakainak értelmezése jelenti? Könyvet csak akkor vesz a kezébe, ha magasító kell a székben, hogy elérje a klaviatúrát? Sok szülőnek ismerős lehet ez a helyzet, de a Meséld […]

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