Why is it worth to apply to Igen Debrecen English?

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Honestly, Igen Debrecen English is not for everyone. If you are hardworking, not frighten by difficulties, want to be succesful and you are willing to do for it, than it is your place. You could join the course with your team, so together we could accelerate your process. At the end of the 3 months course you will be full of new skills, knowledge, connections and opportunities that you have just dreamed before. Let’s see what are these! 

  • Practical knowledge which you would geather with a lot of risk and a lot of time out there in the wild business market.  amit máshol csak nehezen, egy csomó időt feláldozva tudnál megszerezni Let’s be honest – jumping into the water without knowing how to swim could teach you how to swim, but if you have a good trainer, you could be an olympic medalist. Through 12 weeks presenters will give you trainings about business with the help of practical examples. Validation, business planing, project management, finance knowledge are really helpful when you want to implement your idea.
  • Teamspirit. If you apply as an individual member you could join an innovator or a team. From Igen Debrecen 2 there is a team that works as a company which they own together and is a great success (Glulu Bakery – gluten free bakery products).  All the applicants at the course are motivated, willing to do and wants the idea to be succesfully implemented. To be sure, after the application we willl have a personal meeting with each and every applicant. During this personal meeting we could know them better and we will be certain that just the best fits – both professionaly and personally – will take the course.
  • First steps. Ugródeszka (marketing és eladások). If you are clever and work on your idea you could attract your first customers during the course. All of the Igen Debrecen projects have their first customers at the end of the 12 weeks. They didn’t do anything “just” did what they learnt at the course. The Igen Debrecen brand has the background and connections to give them the opportunity to grow. One example: LookIn had 500 users for their mobile app, Glulu had their packaged products until the end of the course.
  • Mentors. At the course the organizers and mentors will give you business advices through the whole process. You could choose whom do you want to take advices.Just few examples: László Ábrahám (CEO of NI Hungary Kft.), István Hegymegi (Leader and co-owner of HUNÉP Zrt.), István Farkas (owner of Butiq and Vespa Pizza) etc.
  • Business network and connections. During the course you will meet with your team mates, competitors, presenters and mentors. Besides these connections you will be part of the alumni of Igen Debrecen, which has more than 70 professionals who already finished the course. It is an open-minded community so if you have any problem with your company everybody will be happy to help.
  • Motivation. If you reach a certain point in implementing you idea there is often a point where you will be uncertain in your progress. This is the time when mentors, presenters and organizer will help you to gain back you motivation and observe the problem from another point of view.
  • Final prize! If your team wins the competition you will get tickets to an international startup event where is the opportunity to grow globally and speak to potential investors.

Igen Debrecen English is a startupper, innovator and social entrepreneur course.

>>>Details about Igen Debrecen English course<<<

Early bird promotion  -10 % discount from the course fee! Deadline for early bird is 21 January 2018. Apply now!

The final deadline for the application is 25 February 2018.

You can apply with clicking on the links below:

I apply as an INDIVIDUAL member

I apply as an INNOVATOR

I apply as a TEAM

If you have questions just send it to Igen Debrecen English facebook page or the e-mail address: hello@igendebrecen.hu

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