Life long learning. Ain’t no body got a time for that…or do you?

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Do you feel like waves are above your head at the university, at work, at home or even in life? Does it seems like there is no time beside this for learning or studying?

Although you know that succesfull people are life long learners. You do not need to think about big things.

  1. Read one article a day about your interest. Just one article, which takes 3-5, maximum 10 minutes.
  2. Buy a book. Search online, observe the toplists, buy a bestseller and read a few pages every once in a while.
  3. Watch a video about your favourite topic. There are a lot of good videos on youtube also, but you could see subtitled videos from top scientists, influencers at TED.
  4. Go to an event in your city. This could be the cherry on the cake, because you could hear from those who could help you, and sit next to people who has the same interest as you. In Debrecen there are programs on almost every week that you could attend. (DebTech Meet Up, Business and Beer, Business Meet Up in English)

If you have a certain question about which blog you need to follow, which book you could read, more events in Debrecen do not hesitate and write to us: hello@igendebrecen.hu

Keep up the consistency. Find a way to learn about what you love, improve in special fields and implement your ideas in the every day life.

Finally, if you desire more, the last advice for you is to visit courses. If you are interested in entrepreneurship, your place is at Igen Debrecen English, which is a startupper and innovator course on practical business skills and on how to implement your ideas with a help of a team.

>>>Details about Igen Debrecen English course<<<

Apply until 25 February 2018 with clicking on the links below:

I apply as an INDIVIDUAL member

I apply as an INNOVATOR

I apply as a TEAM

If you have questions just send it to Igen Debrecen English facebook page or the e-mail address: hello@igendebrecen.hu

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