First step to implement your idea – or slaughter it? It is up to you!

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The question in the title says it all about Igen Debrecen startup, innovator and social entrepreneur course. When you start the course with your shiny, brand new, soft and world changing idea you would not now what will happen. The certain things that you will get: safe environment where you could practice your skills and advices from mentors who have succeded nationally and internationally. Your idea will not be in a forgottable folder on your computer but it will reborn and live. If you are applying for Igen Debrecen course your idea will be thankful to you 🙂 In this article you will get a personal oppinion about Igen Debrecen course from a person who already completed it.

The beginning

I believe that I am an active and social person. I already started two community events – Debrecen Retorika Toastmasters Club and Pár-Beszéd Est meet up. I started the year 2015 with founding a Toastmasters Club in Debrecen with my friend Laci Szabó and as this project get on track I was certain that a business course will be a self-improvement for me. My idea was to found a marketing company which will operating on the field of content marketing. When I stood up the stage of Igen Debrecen I was certain that my idea would be a great success and the other individual members will choose my idea.

  • I planned my 2 minute pitch. OK.
  • I prepared a lot. OK.
  • My idea is super. OK.
  • There are marketing professionals as individual members. OK.

Validation – my idea’s slaughterhouse

I was ready to rumble so I stood up to the stage and spoke about my idea. After my presentation a few people come to me and asked about my idea. At the end when I arrived home I was certain that 2-3 people choose me. That was not what have happened. What was a great idea on a A/4 paper does not worked. The others validated my idea and it resulted not as I expected. My idea was not supported by the others so instead of running as an innovator I was continued Igen Debrecen course as an individual member. I was a member of ZengOver (a wireless music box for parties) and there where other teams: Glulu (gluten free bakery products),  Parkolász (easy parking app), Amorffactory (3D printing)  and PickByLight (logistics assistant hardware and oftware). Glulu has won the competition and they are still working together and this bakery is a great success.

What did I get?

A lot of practical knowledge and great advices from the mentors. I am also greatful that I get to know my teammates and the fully motivated team members from the competing groups. This gave me an experience that I would not forget. Now I am not afraid when I have to speak in fron of a big crowd or a bunch of investors.  I could learn about my passion, improve my skills and implement a great idea. I used my set of skills and my knowledge in the team and know I know what does it mean: standing side-by-side to implement an idea. It was an esthonishing opportunity to have a conference call with one of the saleman at Universal Records. They were curious about our music box and this course was the background of our idea so we just did not came from thin air like a bunch of guy who have an idea. We were paticipants of a startup, innovator and social entrepreneurship course.

One advice before you start

If your idea become slaughtered accept it and benefit from it. The winning could be a great goal but it will be not enough if you want to held together a team, stand on your feet on the market. You have to learn along the way how to motivate people, how to convince them and if you make mistakes it will be a safe environment and you could get the most out of it.

>>>Details about Igen Debrecen English course<<<

Early bird promotion  -10 % discount from the course fee! Deadline for early bird was 21 January 2018. You have missed it…BUT

The final deadline for the application is 25 February 2018.

You can apply with clicking on the links below:

I apply as an INDIVIDUAL member

I apply as an INNOVATOR

I apply as a TEAM

If you have questions just send it to Igen Debrecen English facebook page or the e-mail address:

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